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{{ sorry if it’s a bit difficult to see! But this would be the new art for Jawarhala~ I’ve decided I would start making the Pokemon have slight traits of their parents as well. So as you can see here, we have a Nidoqueen, but certain traits come from her Charizard/Charmeleon? father.
Now then, random facts you may not have known about Jawa:

  • She is a Lesbian
  • She’s sassy as hell
  • She takes shit from no one
  • If she does not have her food, run. Just, motherfucking run
  • Even though she knows Superpower and Ice Beam, she can’t use them very well
  • Is the motherly figure of the team

Next up, Erii~ }}


{{ OK, well, this was fun xD
The first, as you can guess, is Aadi. But who’s this mysterious second figure? Well, he has something to do with Aadi, I’ll give you that
Maybe it isn’t the best to introduce him as a cat though xD }}


  • ♂:

    i am a boy who has a crush on you

  • ♀:

    i am a girl who has a crush on you

  • ✂:

    just delete your tumblr already

  • ✌:

    you’re awesome

  • ♡:

    i love your blog

  • ❁:

    you’re beautiful

  • ✓:

    i hate you

  • ☹:

    you’re ugly

  • ☀:

    i want to fuck you

  • ♬:

    i wish we were close

  • ♧:

    i wish we were friends in real life

  • ☆:

    i relate to a lot of the same things you go through

  • ☮:

    you inspire me

Just Your Average Oddball: Send a Flower



Flowers and their meanings can be found at

Reblog if you are going to send, or wish to receive flowers~ The point is to send them based upon their meaning (whether or…

SLKDAHGFSDAK I’D REBLOG THIS FOREVER BUT I don’t want to annoy my followers :’D

{{ Well why not? C: }}

{{ What did I say? Some changes would be happening here~
But ah, yes, this is Aadi~ I decided to ditch the more cartoon like style I have for my more semi-realistic version. Much easier to get expressions now. So she finally has that prosthetic arm, and a haircut :U
More to come!
also this is terrible what was I thinking dfjshfsjkfd}}

Anon Magic; Now available to be asked

{{ -And greatly appreciated~ As for asks, well, I’m sleeping over at friends house tonight and that means no sleep until, say, four in the morning. So that means all asks will hopefully be answered with  quality  pictures, and those with pictures might be redone. Text answers may also be redone as well~

As for anon magic, I’ll generally take anything~ Ah yes, also be on the lookout for these updates for Aadi’s App:

  • Prosthetic Arm
  • Shortened Hair
  • More Tribal Markings
  • As well as… different clothing(think most recent picture; back in time) }}

dennieleblanc asked:

Your Vespiquen is quite the specimen! You must've gotten her outside of the bayou, yes?

Aadi: Oh, Franny here? *Pets Fran* Well, I did actually. It went a little like this:

My mother and I were heading out to Ladon, to visit a cousin, or some sort of relative. I do not quite remember anymore, and as we were riding along, I noticed a small Combeewho appeared to be arguing with another. *smiles at the memory* I remember her noticing us, and coming straight up to me! An odd sight, but it amused me so much.

Anyways, this little Combee was just all over me, forgetting her previous argument, and my mother let me catch her! She was my very first pokemon which I had caught on my own, true she’s still a sassy little thing today but… I wouldn’t give her up for the world~

6xl-ulrichwulf asked:

Hm! How about 6, 3, and 1!

6;; Had a Crush?
O-oh… well, who hasn’t, mon ami? *blushes faintly*

3;; Kissed a member of the same sex before?
W-well non, I have not… but who knows what will come in the future?

1;; Taken a picture Naked?
*blushes furiously* N-non! I haven’t… >//<

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